• Texas PTA Headquarters

West Eleventh Street
Downtown, Austin, TX

20,000 sf

Since the 1930’s, the Texas PTA’s headquarters had been located in an original brick building just two blocks away from the Texas state capital in the heart of downtown Austin. They had outgrown their existing space, but because of the age and condition of the building, repairs and additions proved infeasible. In order to communicate the legacy and meaningfulness of the organization through their new offices, DC+A designed a building that uses classic, historic materials in a contemporary format.

To maximize the development (and investment) potential of the site, the first floor of the building was designed as leasable restaurant space, and the fifth floor is leased out as a separate office space, which Texas PTA can reclaim in the future if they need additional space for their growing organization. The second floor is devoted to a volunteer training center, and the staff offices occupy the third and fourth floor spaces. In a single compact footprint, the efficient and flexible design accommodates the organization’s current needs, presents a friendly and welcoming face to the public, and reflects the organization’s past while establishing a plan for its future.

White Construction Company