• Circle Brewery


Brewhouse: 7,000 SF
Taproom: 4,000 SF

When childhood best friends Ben Sabel and Judson Mulherin were looking to expand their Austin established brewery, they sought DC+A’s help in carrying on their tradition of ingenuitive adaptations, risk and community involvement. Sabel and Mulherin’s process had been one of gradual additions, experimentation along the way and a strong backing from friends, family, and the community. DC+A sought to collaborate on a continuation of Circle’s process and envisioned a community gathering and hangout spot a short distance from Austin that had the capacity to match Sabel and Mulherin’s current and future ambitions. Similar to their ingenuitive adaptations to brewing, DC+A’s design combines and repurposes a series of different prefabricated metal buildings. The resulting form creates a generous partially protected courtyard and a community living room that opens up to 23 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country landscapes. Special attention has been given to phasing, materiality, and resourcefulness.