• Westlake Haven

West Lake Hills, TX

4,265 sf

Humbly nestled amongst the trees, this West Lake Hills home takes advantage of its sloping site by providing a diversity of spaces for relaxation and contemplation. Vertical forms of chopped stone ground the home and provide privacy from the street above. These masses establish a backdrop for the forested valley landscape, which appears to be an extension of the home because of its generous covered patios and reflective infinity pool.  

The house was designed for a young, active bachelor in the tech industry who works from home and entertains often. He wanted his home to be casual and fun, suitable for pool parties and his rambunctious chocolate lab, while also bearing the softness and elegance of a luxury retreat. The focus became clear: create an inviting space with a durable materials palette that will withstand the test of time. Large format porcelain tile seamlessly blends interior to exterior while Italian bed linens, custom furniture, minimal bleached oak cabinetry, and white marbles fuse with pops of color, pattern, natural woods, and edgy art to produce a sophisticated and playful home perfectly befitting to the owner.

Jake Holt